Thursday, 18 April 2019

Aman Plus

Protect yourself and your family against cancer within the widest coverage in Jordan with a limit of JD 50,000.

The advantages of Aman Plus program:

Category First Class
Maximum annual limit / Member JD 50,000
Inpatient Coverage (Through AOIC Network)
Room & Board Full Coverage
ICU, CCU Full Coverage
MRI, CT scan and other Diagnostic tests Full Coverage
Laboratory Tests & Diagnostic test & Medicines Full Coverage
Companion coverage Full Coverage
Ambulance once/annum Full Coverage
Doctor fees & Consultation Full Coverage
Surgery & Surgeon's Fees and anesthesia Full Coverage
Outpatient Coverage
Doctor fees Full Coverage
Laboratory Tests & Diagnostic Procedures Full Coverage
X Rays and Radiology Full Coverage
Outpatient Clinic -Emergency Full Coverage

Geographical Coverage:

Inside Jordan  and coverage will be extended to include the American University of Beirut Medical Center , in case treatment is not available in Jordan, including economy class tickets & 5 stars hotel accommodation for two nights for the patient and his / her companion.


Age Band Premium/ Member
1day - 65 years JD 42 per year
66 years - 99 years JD100 per year
  • Direct access to all gig | Arab Orient Insurance company’s network hospitals.
  • Full coverage of all medical charges related to cancer in case of diseases certainty.
  • Full coverage of nursing home visit.
  • Full coverage of post treatment psychotherapy.
  • Full coverage of telemedicine services.
  • Full coverage of companion's fee in case of hospital admission.
  • All above benefits are subject to gig | Arab Orient Insurance Company’s terms, conditions & exclusions.
  • This program is subject to gig | Arab Orient Insurance confirmed contract.

For more information please call the Bancassurance unit at 06-5629400 ext 2242 / 2249