Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Fly&Plus Campaign

Terms and Conditions for JKB Fly & Plus Mastercard Credit Cards Campaign:

  1. Customers eligible to enter the draw are those with issued primary and supplementary Jordan Kuwait Bank  Mastercard Fly&Plus credit cards of all categories during the campaign period and which have recorded a successful purchase transaction at any POS terminal or e-Commerce site, in addition to ATM cash withdrawals with a minimum of 20 JOD during the campaign period.
  2. The eligible MasterCard Fly&Plus card should be active and not delinquent at draw date.
  3. Cards with zero usage will be excluded from the draw.
  4. The Campaign Period Commences at 08:00 am local time on 27 Jan 2019 and ends at 10:00 pm local time on 27 March 2019.
  5. 20,000 Welcome Free Miles will be received on every new issued card during the campaign period upon performing a single purchase transaction with a minimum amount of 20 JOD.
  6. Miles earned during the campaign period will be doubled. 
  7. Electronic draws will be held weekly whereby 7 winners will be announced weekly and as indicated below: 




    Draw number 1


    250,000 Miles for one winner

    Draw number 2


    250,000 Miles for one winner

    Draw number 3


    250,000 Miles for one winner

    Draw number 4


    250,000 Miles for one winner

    Draw number 5


    1,000,000 Miles for one winner + 500,000 for two winners


  8. The prize winners will be notified by telephone after the draw using the contact details provided. Last date to claim your prize is April 4, 2019.  Prize winners who cannot be reached after three attempts will be deemed to have forfeited their right to the relevant prize without compensation.
  9. Jordan Kuwait Bank reserves the right to end this campaign at any time without any prior notice or warning after announcing the campaign.
  10. JKB maintains the right to announce the winners via any/all channels as it deems appropriate.